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Chew 'em, suck 'em, no matter what you do with them, Jolly Rancher hard candy will stay sweet and flavorful. For moodents who want to experience happiness, Jolly Rancher hard candy will stay sweet and flavorful no matter what.

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The morning, visitors of Times Square were greeted by a spectacle seemingly straight out of a sci-fi movie. Arranged in a large circle, colorful shards of crystals appeared to have jutted up from the New York concrete overnight. These crystals, however, were not formed by heat or pressure in the earth's crust, but were actually ginormous shards of the iconic hard candy, Jolly Rancher. 

In order to kick off their new campaign centered on the "supernatural" properties of the sweet tasting candy, Jolly Rancher has installed an interactive art piece in the heart of the city. While not meant to recharge the energies of the mind, Jolly Ranchers instead revitalize the energies of the mouth with its sweet juicy flavor. Onlookers could therefore meditate amongst, take pictures with, or even lick the giant Jolly Ranchers of this sweet urban Stonehenge. For those who would rather not lick the 40 pound shards of candy, Jolly Rancher gurus were located in the middle of the circle to hand out regular sized Jolly Ranchers, endowing passerby's with the force of flavor to get through the rest of the work day.

Content Creator - Hannah Gulbrandsen
Art Director - Chris Mercado
Copywriter - Logan Zlotnick
Strategist - Michael Mallory

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